I’m Yue, a Chinese designer from Dalian, currently based in Milan.

My childhood painting experience and academic studies in Product Design have built my design identity. For that reason, I would like to call myself: Techno Poet.

In 2016, I dove into the world of food by chance, and I finally found this perfect subject that has led a lot of my research and projects. The beauty of food culture, the complexity of the large food system, and the potential for digital fabrication are my main interests.

Food is eternal. It is about tradition as well as the future. Trying to find a balanced relationship between food, culture, production systems, and technology has always been my focus of design, and all of them will eventually encompass Planet Centric Design, which is a vital vehicle to achieve effective communication.

In the same year, with Xijing Xu, we founded tofoodesign, trying to combine design and food through questioning and sublimating food-related behaviours in different cultural contexts, in the form of objects or activities.

Chinese is my mother tongue, and I also speak English, Italian and a little bit Spanish.

The icon of the six moons in different phases on this page refers to “seilune”. Why “seilune”? In Italian it means “six moons” which has the same Chinese pronunciation as that of my full name. So that’s that!

✉️ liuyue1993@hotmail.com

Download my resume : )