The 58th edition of the historic B2C trade fair Bimbinfiera, dedicated to maternity, family and children, is back with a new location, concept and communication asset, wholly redesigned from A to Z to offer a new experience after the long absence due to Covid.

Starting from the client’s brief “reposition the fair with a new format capable of combining the successful past with the new dynamics, trends and opportunities of the present” and applying the event co-design approach, a mixed and multi-level working group was created that was able to collaborate on the design first, with the client’s board and its sales force, and later on the presentation to the exhibitors by involving them in the innovative design choices and finally in the implementation of them in the pre-event site. This process made it possible to share a highly characterized format capable of representing the new concept, designed to be attractive in pre-event, during-event, and post-event communication, welcoming in the moment of entry and visit, and finally satisfying in the experience lived by exhibitors and visitors. 

Usually, fairs are in cities. This time the CITY is in the FAIR. Bimbinfiera becomes a “family-friendly and child-friendly city” fit for children, their parents and caregivers to offer more experiences and relationships, to be traveled and discovered in all its parts, with different levels, paths and experiences to communicate an authentic parental culture. The dissemination content, cognitive experiences, and curation of services were designed according to the interests of different visitor profiles, in collaboration with companies and experts, and consistent with the layout and journey time. The white walls and furniture on the black flooring, the strict equal graphic layout, a robust decrease in the communicative redundancy typical of B2C fairs, large thematic service, play and relaxation areas, attractive, positive, understandable communication, the clear and reassuring way-finding design, the smiling helpfulness of the exhibitors and visitor-oriented services, all these factors combined and coordinated made possible on the one hand the communication of a new and strong identity of the consistent event as a whole, and on the other hand the appreciation by the significant number of visitors and consequently the exhibitors themselves. 

Commissioned by Sfera Media Group – RCS
Concept & Event Design | Co-work with Luca Fois
Graphic & Communication Design | Co-work with Elvira Zhao
Photo and video by Robin, Elvira Zhao and Yue Liu

City in the Fair

The planimetric grid is divided into “Corsi” and “Vie”. Their toponymy combines the urban and childhood worlds. “Vie” are interspersed with “Parks”, large, single-topic and iconic exhibition spaces. The fair route is created by horizontal and vertical road signs, typical of urban maps, designed to orient visitors to places of interest.

Exhibition Stands

The focus of the exhibition stands becomes the exhibited product, which is enhanced by the new configuration of spaces in its features and functionality. The communication spaces available to the exhibitor are the same for each stand to fit perfectly into the new fair format. Furnishings can be customized in the pre-furnished exhibition stand with a welcoming layout and green materials.


Inside the Welcoming Park, an area will host an exhibition with high emotional value dedicated to the stages of development and growth: from pregnancy to babies up to 36 months. Parents can retrace or view the growth stages of the little one on a vision board where products useful for each stage of the child’s life are placed side by side. Brands participating in the exhibition can thus offer exclusive visibility to their products.


The new layout plans to include additional exhibition spaces with a high visual impact within the path, in which products divided by thematic area are presented. The developed interior exhibition configures the product as the real protagonist of communication. Screens will be placed on which additional product information or brand content can be conveyed.

Service Areas

To be distinguished from other exhibition areas, a huge title will be shown with a customizable space where exhibitors can place their visual content on the wall in front of each service area.