Italy and China, two countries renowned for their culinary traditions, both share a rich history of pasta. On the occasion of the opening of Milan Design Week • Zona Sarpi, Yue Liu and Joyce Tang, two Chinese designers based in Milan, present a fresh perspective on pasta through Food Design Thinking. Deriving from the concept of ”FOODSCAPE,“ the designers hope to unfold a ”PASTASCAPE“ by deconstructing the process of pasta making, to explore the similar logic of human invention of pasta dishes: grains are crushed into powder, mixed with water, and then endowed with forms and flavors.

In collaboration with Ristorante Xi‘an, the exhibition focuses on the broad noodles of China and Italy: Shaanxi’s biang biang noodles and Tuscany‘s pappardelle, representing two delicious pathways that converge. The exhibition, named ”Cin Cin Pasta,“ is where a bridge is built between China and Italy with pasta, and also celebrates the brilliant culinary civilization of mankind.

The message conveyed by the designers is that despite our diverse origins and languages, we can all enjoy our delicious pasta. Although food may not solve all the problems in the world, it can be a good starting point: perhaps, the moment we can eat together at the same table, we may also be able to deepen our conversations and build a connection.

Cheers to pasta!

Co-work with Joyce Tang
Video by Joyce Tang