Coesistente is a project for Da Cosa Nasce Cosa – Training Course of Social and Relational Design, organized by T12 Lab in collaboration with Laboratorio Silenzio in Milan. It is a reflective object worn on the arm or wrist to go around at night, whose primary function is to signal the user’s presence to protect the user from road hazards. 

The idea for this object was born during some modeling experiments with paper. Initially, the intention was just to build a space that would express a feeling of dynamic balance. The basic form of the object is a transparent PVC sheet in the shape of a rectangular trapezoid. Only one cut was made on it in order to create, through the folding of the sheet, an ergonomic shape wearable on the arm. The part that remains on the outside of the arm is covered with reflective material and maintains a rather straight surface, while the part on the inside of the arm has a very curved surface. In this object, the sensations of rigidity and softness coexist: the outer part makes one think of a piece of armor that protects the user by interacting with light, while the inner part makes one think of a band of fabric that harmonizes with the body. 

The overall intent was to create a practical but also a poetic relationship between the user and the surrounding environment, a relationship based on an intimate idea of the wearer of this object: “In the dark I pass by, I leave no sign, but the light feels me, touches me, and whoever looks at me notices me.” 

Milan Design Week 2021 – Da Cosa Nasce Cosa at Galleria l’Affiche

Project catalogue Da cosa nasce cosa. Percorso formativo di design sociale e relazionale

Photo by Giacomo Albertini, Luana Giardino and Yue Liu