Portfolio by Yue Liu on the activities of Da Cosa Nasce Cosa – Social and Relationship Design Training Course.

I began a journey together with a group of individuals, a group for me full of question marks.
Everyone has their own mission, and I have mine too. I have a fantasy.

On the first day, we tried to enter into an intimate relationship with a tree. We found it, looked at it, felt it, imagined it, and drew it.

The second day, in front of a blank sheet of paper, with a box cutter.
A constructed space that didn’t exist.

But again, with this space, I came into a relationship with something alive. I found it, looked at it, felt it, imagined it, and drew it.
Thus, I was beginning to fill my imagination.

The further I went, the more a new relationship was created between me and the space.
The space began to become a background, where my thoughts took shape, and the shape formed new thoughts.

And in the end?
I still don’t know in the end where we go.

We had several encounters during the trip, with nature, the city, an object, and others…
An encounter was the one with myself. I see myself as a stream of transparent water, flowing along a river.

There was a game during the trip. Help an abstract word find its drawing. It wasn’t easy, because I don’t have clear ideas about abstract words.
I sit in a hidden corner, and describe my feeling by imagining that I am that word.
When I get the idea, a LOOK lights up high in my mind, and it runs to the right at full SPEED.

FEAR, LONELINESS, SILENCE, distancing sensations between me and the world.

A drawing that expresses our feeling about this trip?
This is mine.
A sprout of creativity each of us has it by nature in our hands. We can give it, we can receive it, we can share it.
This is the true seed of relationships.

At some point in our journey, we stopped here.
We drank a little, we looked into each other’s eyes, we reflected in our minds, in our hearts.
We built a playful city together, enjoyed a quiet, fun moment.

After resting, we set off again.

Who am I?
I was born in China in 1993.
In 2016 and then in 2020, I pursued two degrees in Product Design, the first one at the China Academy of Art, the second at the Politecnico di Milano.
I am currently working on Product & Visual Design projects.