Illustration series of Ocean&Food
2021 /1 week

Ocean & Climate Village is the first travelling exhibition of the Decennio del Mare for sustainable development focusing on ocean and climate, coordinated by IOC-UNESCO. The exhibition was inaugurated at Triennale di Milano on the occasion of the Pre-COP26 Summit. I have created six illustrations/infographics for Area 4 on Ocean & Food, which is the critical topic of one of the eight areas of the exhibition.

This exhibition area wants to push us to reflect on how we are treating the seas and oceans for food resources. The truth is that, unfortunately, there are currently many people who are exploiting these environments without caring to respect the balance of their ecosystems. By now, there is a widespread idea that it is normal to think of the relationship between humans and the ocean as a relationship between consumers and the supermarket. With my illustrations, I would like to suggest another point of view: the relationship between us and the ocean as a relationship of love between a daughter and her mother. That is why I chose a little girl as the protagonist of my illustrations, symbolizing an ethical way of loving and treating the sea. The sea, on the other hand, I represented as a great mother’s spirit. The well-being of the ocean depends on the well-being of all forms of life that live in the sea. It is up to us to choose whether to continue to exploit the sea and the ocean callously or to begin to love and respect it just as we would our mother.

The whole series includes:

Illustration: Emotional cover
Infographic: Fisheries data
Infographic: Mediterranean diet
Infographic: Bycatch
Illustration: Overfishing
Illustration: Adriatic clams

Client: Decennio del Mare