Zhuantang Co-creation Town is a research project during the Community Design course at the China Academy of Art, with the theme of the life of art. The direction of creation is the integration of industry and city, the integration of industry and academia, and co-creation and co-share. The project integrates design, painting, sculpture, architecture, new media, music, theater, animation, dance and other art categories. It aims to cultivate and grow the cultural and creative industry, promote the transformation of artistic creativity into the market, encourage the expansion and upgrading of cultural consumption. The final purpose is to build a new characteristic town that integrates cultural research, cultural performance, community economy, fashion consumption and characteristic tourism. Based on this, we will build the world’s largest art education community, the most vital cultural creation in the province, and an art square shared by all.

Together with Yaxuan Cheng, Xinyi Tian, Xijing Xu and Zhen You, we chose Artist Studio as the research object, focusing on their work and life stories, the relationship with the local resources in Zhuantang. As the final output of the research, we proposed the concept of SpaceX, providing four solutions related to their main activities, which are Exhibition, Show, Education and Gathering.