In 2018, for my final project Pasta tra parentesi at Politecnico di Milano, I began a long pasta journey. The research outcome is an installation and a book (all contents are only available in Italian).

Chapter 1 Inspiration
Focuses on reflections on the two primary sources of inspiration for the project.

Chapter 2 Context
Concerns the definition of the characteristics of the social context within which the research will be carried out to realize the final project.

Chapter 3 Design
Focuses on the relationship between food and design and the relationship between food experience and design. It also includes an analysis of the main issues to be addressed when planning a food event.

Chapter 4 Material
Contains the research on the history of wheat, the properties of the flour material, and the variety of fresh pasta manufacturing processes in Italy and China.

Chapter 5 Encounters
Contains three parts: the set of experiments carried out with the pasta material; the set of data collected during various research trips to different places in Italy related to pasta; the report of a cooking class experience and three interviews with people related to the world of design, which pave the way towards the concept.

Chapter 6 Concept
Focuses on the selection and analysis of case studies and the elaboration of a reference concept for the subsequent development of the final project.

Chapter 7 Project
Dedicated to the definition of the final project starting from the final concept.