Crepuscoli is one of the artistic explorations of the project Immaginaria 2022 – Ex Macello Nel Corpo, organized by Mare Culturale Urbano. It is a site-specific performance resulting from a residency in collaboration with Laboratorio Silenzio, Serena Crocco, Luana Giardino and Eleonora Leporini. During the workshop guided by Laboratorio Silenzio, performers, composed of hearing and deaf people, experimented with alternative ways of interacting through theatrical practice with this fascinating and unique place – an abandoned former slaughterhouse. The aim was to create a series of images and choreographies, using nonverbal communication, silence and walking as preliminary practices of listening and crossing spaces, and theatre and body expression as forms of storytelling, to reconfigure the space itself and its uses precisely from the temporary community of bodies that inhabited it together on this occasion. The outcome of the work was represented by an itinerant performance open to the public realized in the spaces of the former slaughterhouse at dusk time.

For one of the performance scenes, I designed 6 masks to be worn by the performers, representing 6 nocturnal animals: fox, night hawk, lizard, crow, cat and owl. Geometrical lines, minimal figures and the simplest material like white paper, together with performers’ actions, the idea was to create an echo between “urban animals” and this highly industrial architectural space.

Photo by Luca del Pia

🔗Video of the performance